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Speech Related Resources
(American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.)
(Fun learning materials for kids with Special Needs!)
(Program to aid with reading and learning skills.)
(Sign Language products and resources for parents.)
(Nonprofit organization helping those who stutter.)
(Latest news and updates in Speech Therapy & Audiology)
(National Stuttering Association)
(Thoughts on early speech and language development from a mom / speech-language pathologist. Site is beautiful and has worksheets to download to work on specific sounds with your child.)
(Helping parents teach toddlers to understand and use language.)
(Free printable worksheets – everything from phonics to writing letters to math skills! Excellent resource!)

Occupational Therapy Resources
(American Occupational Therapy Association)
(Information about Autism Spectrum Disorder)
(Information about Asperger Syndrome)
(Information on Sensory Integration Disorder)
(More information on Sensory Integration Disorder and sensory based activities)
(Fine motor ideas and activities)
(Fine motor ideas and activities)
(Activities and coloring sheets to promote fine motor development)
(Great developmental and educational toys)
(Pocket Full of Therapy- sells a variety of therapy products)
(This company sells a variety of therapy equipment and products)

Physical Therapy Resources
(American Physical Therapy Association)
(Pediatric Section of the APTA)
(Pediatric gait training tool in our PT gym)
(Adaptive equipment for motor skills)
(Pediatric orthotics)
(National Down Syndrome Society)
(Prader Willi Syndrome Association)
(Cerebral Palsy of Louisiana)
(Tummy Time tips for your infant)

(Safety tips for kids of all ages)
(Great site for special needs with section on top apps for special needs for iphone, ipad etc.)
(A local non-profit family resource center. A group of families who, through our own experiences, promote peer support and advocacy and are committed to alleviating hardships of other families who have members with disabilities or special needs.)

Get in Touch

For more information about any of our groups or programs please contact us at: 985.876.0083 (Houma LA) or 985.449.0944 (Thibodaux LA).