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Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric occupational therapists evaluate and treat children who are having difficulty participating in meaningful activities (or “occupations”) relevant to their daily lives. This includes playing, learning, paying attention, participating in sports, self-care (getting dressed, feeding), and being a friend.

Occupational therapy treatment focuses on improving a child’s overall development in numerous areas including:

• Fine motor skills (handwriting, cutting with scissors, grasping pencil correctly, manipulating tool and fasteners such as buttons)

• Sensory Processing Difficulties (difficulty responding appropriately to different sensory inputs, praxis, and postural control)

• Play skills

• Social skills

• Self-care skills (dressing, feeding with utensils, grooming, and toileting)

• Visual perceptual disorders (difficulty organizing visual information from the environment in order to perform a task)

• Decreased strength & coordination

• Decreased executive functioning (attending to a task, following directions, self-regulation, organization, and sequencing a task)

• Feeding Skills (problem feeders; refer to Feeding Therapy section)

How Do I Know if My Child Needs Occupational Therapy?

If you have any doubts about your child’s progression with any of the above areas, give us a call to set up an evaluation. The PDFs below can help you determine if your child needs Occupational Therapy.

How do I know if my INFANT / TODDLER needs OT?

Download PDF ≫

How do I know if my PRESCHOOL CHILD needs OT?

Download PDF ≫

How do I know if my SCHOOL AGE CHILD needs OT?

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How We Can Help

Our occupational therapists provide comprehensive assessments and intervention in the following areas:

• Fine Motor / Handwriting Skills

• Visual Motor & Visual Perceptual Skills

• Self-Care Skills such as feeding, getting dressed

• Oral Motor Skills

• Sensory Integration

• Organizing and Motor Planning

• Socialization & Play

• Environmental Adaptations for School and Home

• Parent Education

• Teacher Consultation & School Observation

• Interactive Metronome

Get in Touch

For more information about any of our groups or programs please contact us at: 985.876.0083 (Houma LA) or 985.449.0944 (Thibodaux LA).